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Five (different) persistences


This slide was created as part of a presentation I was invited to give at a Persistent Object Identifiers workshop run by the Knowledge Exchange in den Haag on June 14 and 15 2011. The agenda for the workshop is, ironically, no longer available from the KE website, but can be found through the Web Archive.


The presentation I gave at the workshop, which contains the slide below, is available here.

Part of what I wanted to explore was the way in which the word "persistent" in "persistent identifier" gets used to refer to a number of distinct kinds of persistences, in a way that is not, to my mind, helpful.

A particular bugbear of mine is the way that some people apparently think that assigning a "persistent identifier" to an object makes that object persistent.

The slide from my presentation that summarises my thoughts on the different persistences is this:

Five Persistences slide


A report from the Workshop is still linked from the KE site. This provides a useful summary of the different strands of discussion.

One of the other outcomes of the workshop was the so-called Den Haag Manifesto. This came out of one of the working groups, which I facilitated. It was intended as the basis for a co-ordinated approach to identifier issues across the persistent identifier (PID) and linked open data (LOD) communities. The intention was to try and state what the PID and the LOD approaches can each learn from the other, and what elements of each other's infrastructure they could adopt.