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To paraphrase Orson Scott Card I am a:

Given all those wonderful things in my life, being paid to do what I enjoy doing anyway (read, think, and plan) is a bonus.

The family menagerie currently consists of the chooks and Sascha the Saluki.

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My favourite ways to spend my time are activities with the family, growing fruit and vegetables in the back garden, and reading. Playing the 'cello would be on the list, if I could just divert the energy from other things to do the practice required to get my skills back up to the point where it was enjoyable rather than painful.

The sporting activities I enjoy doing most are cycling and swimming. Cycling is how I get to work. Like most people, I find it difficult to motivate myself to exercise, so riding the 21 kilometers between work and home is the best way for me to stay fit. My new cycling route (having moved offices) is mostly on bike paths. Upside? Fewer cars and buses. Downside? More off-leash dogs and should-be-leased owners. I would like to fit in a swim session of 1 kilometer a week, but am currently recovering from tears to my rotator cuff which make this inadvisable.

Since 2011, I have become addicted to BodyPump, so much so that on work trips I actively look for a location near where I am staying so I can keep up my thrice-weekly schedule. I'm never going to look like the people in the video (indeed, I never did) but I am finding the reappearance of muscles and the post-exercise endorphin buzz deeply satisfying.

The rotator cuff also prompted me to try running again as a form of exercise. Despite not having done this since the early 90's, I am gradually coming to enjoy (or, to be honest) at least tolerate it. I can just about manage running at 10 km/hr (yes, I realise this is half marathon pace) for 30 minutes (yes, I realise this is quarter marathon duration). I figure I can only improve, right?



I am now no longer an academic (although I think I will always be a teacher in some sense), and I am now employed by Monash University as the lead agent for ANDS. During the 15 years I worked at Deakin University (and its antecedent institution Victoria College) I taught across a very wide range of information management and computing units, including:

Professional Memberships

MACS, PCP - Member of the Australian Computer Society and Practicing Computer Professional (1983-2009)

Member, VALA: Libraries, Technology and the Future

Current Employment

I am currently employed as Director of Technology for the Australian National Data Service (ANDS). Prior to that I was Foundation Director, Department of Information Management and Strategic Planning in the Division of Information Technology Services at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

Until 1999 I was a Senior Lecturer in Information Management in the School of Computing and Mathematics at Deakin University. That now feels a long time ago.

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