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Summer 2019 Out of Office Message

Andrew Treloar, The Email

With apologies to William Blake and his The Tyger

Email, email, shining bright
Pulses of encoded light
What ingenious human brain
Formed the packets, shaped the frame?

In what distant time or place
Came the thought to access space?
Launch the satellites on high?
Packets streaming through the sky!

And what keyboard, & what art,
Could form the modules at thy heart?
And when thy source compiled complete,
What skilled hand? what joy replete?

What the keyboard? what toolchain,
In what office was thy brain?
What the IDE whose grasp,
Kept the modules in its clasp?

When the inbox filled with text
And let the user interject:
Did she smile her work to see?
Did she who made the LAN make thee?

Email, email, shining bright
Pulses of encoded light
Wait till back to work I wend
Then a reply I'll surely send.