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2023 Long Service Leave - Out of Office Poem

I am on Long-Service Leave until the end of November (itís an Antipodean thing) and wonít be checking this email account until I return. Instead of my normal out-of-office poem, this time I have aligned myself with the Zeitgeist and teamed up with ChatGPT (approximately 30% me and 70% ChatGPT) to create something hopefully appropriate.

Email, thou endless fount of pointless things
That doth invade my inbox day and night,
And with thy never-ending stream of messages
Doth fill my mind with worries and delight.
Thou art the bane of my existence,
A constant source of stress and toil,
But I depend on thy persistence,
For without thee, my work would spoil.
Thy endless flow doth test my patience,
And yet I need to persevere,
For in thy tangled indentations,
Is hid the words I need to hear
So though thou art a source of endless strife,
I'll master thee and make a better life.

Erratum: font -> fount (whoops), 15/1/2023